A Matcher performs the heavy lifting of matching manifest contents to relevant vulnerabilities. These implementations provide the smarts for understanding if a particular artifact in a layer is vulnerable to a particular advisory in the database.

package driver // import ""

type Matcher interface {
	// a unique name for the matcher
	Name() string
	// Filter informs the Controller if the implemented Matcher is interested in the provided IndexRecord.
	Filter(record *claircore.IndexRecord) bool
	// Query informs the Controller how it should match packages with vulnerabilities.
	// All conditions are logical AND'd together.
	Query() []MatchConstraint
	// Vulnerable informs the Controller if the given package is affected by the given vulnerability.
	// for example checking the "FixedInVersion" field.
	Vulnerable(ctx context.Context, record *claircore.IndexRecord, vuln *claircore.Vulnerability) (bool, error)
    Matcher is an interface which a Controller uses to query the vulnstore for

The Filter method is used to inform Libvuln the provided artifact is interesting. The Query method tells Libvuln how to query the security advisory database. The Vulnerable method reports whether the provided package is vulnerable to the provided vulnerability. Typically, this would perform a version check between the artifact and the vulnerability in question.