An UpdaterSetFactory is a factory for runtime construction and configuration for Updaters.

package driver // import "github.com/quay/claircore/libvuln/driver"

type UpdaterSetFactory interface {
	UpdaterSet(context.Context) (UpdaterSet, error)
    UpdaterSetFactory is used to construct updaters at run-time.

func StaticSet(s UpdaterSet) UpdaterSetFactory
package driver // import "github.com/quay/claircore/libvuln/driver"

type UpdaterSet struct {
	// Has unexported fields.
    UpdaterSet holds a deduplicated set of updaters.

func NewUpdaterSet() UpdaterSet
func (s *UpdaterSet) Add(u Updater) error
func (s *UpdaterSet) Merge(set UpdaterSet) error
func (s *UpdaterSet) RegexFilter(regex string) error
func (s *UpdaterSet) Updaters() []Updater