Versioned Scanner

A versioned scanner is typically embedded into other scanner types. It drives claircore's ability to register and understand when updaters have been changed. Functions that want to work with a generic scanner type should use a VersionedScanner.

Implementers of this interface must provide a unique name. Making changes to a scanner's implementation must return a new value from Version. Implementers must return the correct kind: one of "package", "distribution", or "repository"

package indexer // import ""

type VersionedScanner interface {
	// unique name of the distribution scanner.
	Name() string
	// version of this scanner. this information will be persisted with the scan.
	Version() string
	// the kind of scanner. currently only package is implemented
	Kind() string
    VersionedScanner can be embedded into specific scanner types. This allows
    for methods and functions which only need to compare names and versions of
    scanners not to require each scanner type as an argument.