Index Report

An Index Report defines the contents of a manifest. An Index Report can be unpacked into a slice of Index Records, each of which defines a package, distribution, repository tuple.

package claircore // import ""

type IndexReport struct {
	// the manifest hash this IndexReport is describing
	Hash Digest `json:"manifest_hash"`
	// the current state of the index operation
	State string `json:"state"`
	// all discovered packages in this manifest key'd by package id
	Packages map[string]*Package `json:"packages"`
	// all discovered distributions in this manifest key'd by distribution id
	Distributions map[string]*Distribution `json:"distributions"`
	// all discovered repositories in this manifest key'd by repository id
	Repositories map[string]*Repository `json:"repository"`
	// a list of environment details a package was discovered in key'd by package id
	Environments map[string][]*Environment `json:"environments"`
	// whether the index operation finished successfully
	Success bool `json:"success"`
	// an error string in the case the index did not succeed
	Err string `json:"err"`
	// Files doesn't end up in the json report but needs to be available at post-coalesce
	Files map[string]File `json:"-"`
    IndexReport provides a database for discovered artifacts in an image.

    IndexReports make heavy usage of lookup maps to associate information
    without repetition.

func (report *IndexReport) IndexRecords() []*IndexRecord
package claircore // import ""

type IndexRecord struct {
	Package      *Package
	Distribution *Distribution
	Repository   *Repository
    IndexRecord is an entry in the IndexReport.

    IndexRecords provide full access to contextual package structures such as
    Distribution and Repository.

    A list of these can be thought of as an "unpacked" IndexReport