What is ClairCore

ClairCore is the engine behind ClairV4's container security solution. The ClairCore package exports our domain models, interfaces necessary to plug into our business logic, and a default set of implementations. This default set of implementations define our support matrix and consists of the following distributions and languages:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • RHEL
  • Suse
  • Oracle
  • Alpine
  • AWS Linux
  • VMWare Photon
  • Python

ClairCore relies on postgres for its persistence and the library will handle migrations if configured to do so.

The diagram below is a high level overview of ClairCore's architecture.


When a claircore.Manifest is submitted to LibIndex, the library will index its constituent parts and create a report with its findings.

When a claircore.IndexReport is provided to LibVuln, the library will discover vulnerabilities affecting it and generate a claircore.VulnerabilityReport.